Calling All Home Mechanics!

If you enjoy working on your own vehicles or perform maintenance and upkeep at home to be more cost-effective, there are some things you should know! Used antifreeze, motor oil and other automotive fluids are not only toxic to people and domestic pets, but if allowed to wash into the storm sewer system, the damage can spread even further. You can save money, enjoy your hobby and be environmentally responsible all at the same time!

Below are some helpful links to places to visit in Leesburg and more information about how you can be a safe home mechanic and protect our water resources.

Places to Know

Loudoun County’s Solid Waste Management Facility
Loudoun County’s Solid Waste Management Facility Recycling Center

Rules to Know

Town of Leesburg – Illicit Discharge Information and Reporting

Learn More!

Living Green – A Citizen’s Guide to Springtime Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Doing Your Part to Reducing Stormwater Pollution in Our Waterways
Town of Leesburg Environmental Advisory Commission