The County of Stafford is responsible for preventing pollution from entering the County’s Storm Sewer system and surface waters. Our storm sewer system is seperate from our sanitary sewer and any materials dumped into our storm sewer system eventually discharge to County creeks, streams, lakes, and rivers. We must all do our part to reduce prevent hazardous materials and substances such as oil and other motor vehicle fluids from entering the storm sewer system. County residents who change motor oil and other allowed fluids may dispose of the waste at the Regional Landfill. Dumping or discharging any unauthorized materials into the County’s storm sewer system or surface waters may be considered a violation of the County’s Stormwater Pollution and Illicit Discharge Ordinance (Chapter 21.5-Article II of the Stafford County Code). Anyone wishing to report dumping to the storm sewer system may call the Stafford County Stormwater Pollution Hotline at (540) 658-4559. Please see the brochure below for additional information.

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