…polluted runoff is the number one cause of water pollution in Northern Virginia? That’s right, the very same rain that washes streets, yards, and parking lots clean is sending chemicals, bacteria, and trash down the drain and into the local creeks where our kids play and fish and animals live! That’s the bad news. But the good news is that if we work together, we can clean it up! The Northern Virginia Clean Water Partners have prepared this website to help you make choices that will protect and benefit both people and the environment.

Activities of the Clean Water Partners are managed by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission on their behalf.

Questions or comments can be sent to cmiles@novaregion.org

Northern Virginia Gardening and Lawn Care Information

From composting to fertilizing, counties and towns provide information on how their residents can practice more environmentally friendly gardening and lawn care habits. Even organic materials like grass clippings and leaves can be harmful to our waterways when carried into local storm drains.