About Us

Polluted stormwater runoff is the number one cause of polluted streams and rivers in Northern Virginia, which also are the sources of our drinking water. Working together Northern Virginia, we can make a difference!

The Northern Virginia Clean Water Partners represent 19 Northern Virginia local governments, school systems, independent water and sanitary sewer authorities, and local businesses that care about the quality of our waterways and the region's quality of life.

Our goal is to work together to keep local residents healthy and safe by reducing the amount of pollution that reaches local creeks and rivers. We use educational advertisements, publications, social media, and this website to alert the citizens we serve about how they can do their part - simple steps they can take to make sure there is enough clean water in local waterways for families to enjoy them and for fish and animals to survive and thrive.

The Northern Virginia Clean Water Partners program is coordinated by the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.