people in grassDID YOU KNOW…polluted runoff is the number one cause of water pollution in Northern Virginia? That’s right, the very same rain that washes streets, yards, and parking lots clean is sending chemicals, germs, and trash down the drain and into the local creeks where our kids play and fish and animals live! That’s the bad news. But the good news is that if we work together, we can clean it up! The Northern Virginia Clean Water Partners have prepared this website to help you make choices that will protect and benefit both people and the environment.


You Can Make A Difference!

Making sure that our local streams and the Chesapeake Bay are healthy is everyone’s responsibility. Help keep local waterways clean and healthy for everyone by:

  • Loving Your Pets and the Environment — Pet waste is full of germs that can make our streams unhealthy for people and dogs. Whether in a park, in your yard, or on a sidewalk, always pick up after your pet and put it in the trash.
  • Gardening with the Environment in Mind Applying too much fertilizer to the yard can be detrimental to our local waterways. Test your soil before fertilizing to learn what nutrients are needed and fertilize just in the fall. In this way, you can ensure that spring rains don’t wash excess nutrients (and your money) down the drain and into the local creek.
  • Maintaining your Home and Car Responsibly — Just a little bit of oil can pollute a lot of water. In fact, just two quarts can contaminate enough creek water to fill four Olympic swimming pools. Other practices like washing your car or mowing your lawn can also have major impact on the environment!